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30 November 2021

Team Science for a Fair Digital Society – call 2022

About the Digital Society programme & COMMIT/ The Digital Society (DiSa) is a national research programme funded by the fourteen Dutch universities. The programme stimulates multi- and interdisciplinary research and…
Genevieve BellNews
17 November 2021

The New Cybernetics: reflections on a work in progress? 

Keynote talk by Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell The theory of Cybernetics first found form in the 1940s and 1950s as a response to the rapid outgrowth of computing technology following World War II.…
17 November 2021

Do not recommend: How platforms reduce the visibility of some content, and why

Keynote talk by Tarleton Gillespie Public debate about content moderation has overwhelmingly focused on removal: social media platforms deleting content and suspending users, or opting not to. But removal is not the only available remedy.…
19 November 2021

Interview: Big Technalized: are our public services in jeopardy?

Interview with Distinguished University Professors José van Dijck and Bart Jacobs The digital world is mostly built on market principles rather than on public values, such as privacy, safety and…
18 November 2021

Responsible Data Science Dilemmas for a Digital Society

Data and algorithms are nowadays ubiquitous in many aspects of our society and lives. They are playing an increasing role in scenarios that can be received as low-risk - getting…
27 October 2021

Digital Society Conference 2021

After a year of absence due to the COVID pandemic, the Association of Universities in the Netherlands, consisting of fourteen Dutch universities, is back, with a new edition of the…
3 October 2021

FUSION end-of-year cybersecurity event series

Five partners: INTERSCT, DHS, NWO, NCSC and ACCSS collectively organize a series of (physical) events on one day. We call this day a ‘’fusion” of different events, even with slightly different…

About the Digital Society

We are living in a digital society, in which every aspect of our lives is profoundly being affected by the digitalisation of data: how we communicate and socialise; how we work, learn, stay healthy and participate in politics and the economy. Digitalisation promises tremendous benefits; for better health, more efficient mobility, efficient energy use, and flourishing companies. In the Digital Society programme, leading researchers from all fourteen universities in the Netherlands are working together to address the many pressing questions raised by the emergence of a digital society.


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Digital Society -
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Data principles are designed to further responsible use of data and are based on human values