Today, 600 leading experts in artificial intelligence released a letter calling on European and national leaders to drastically ramp up their support for research excellence and innovation in artificial intelligence (AI). They argue that artificial intelligence will fundamentally change the way we live and work in the future, and they call for the development of artificial intelligence that complements, rather than replaces, human intelligence.

Among the signatories are top researchers from 20 European countries, from all areas of AI, including many editors of top scientific AI journals, leaders of national AI societies, heads of top research AI institutes, and other top scientists. Starting immediately, additional supporters can sign the letter electronically at In their letter, the experts argue that research on artificial intelligence is of crucial importance for Europe’s future.

“AI techniques must be human-centered, and Europe can bring this to the current AI revolution. AI machines that collaborate with people instead of replacing them, AI programmes that can explain their conclusions, and that respect important values such as transparency and fairness are crucial to the beneficial use of this technology for society.”
– Prof. Dr Frank van Harmelen

“AI in Europe requires a broad basis. Many and diverse talents are needed to further AI research and innovation to benefit our continent. Now is the time to invest in Europe’s globally recognized centers of excellence in AI to lead the way in AI with a European face.”
– Prof. Dr Maarten de Rijke

Source: CLAIRE, Confederation Of Laboratories For Artificial Intelligence Research In Europe.