Implementing Artificial Intelligence in health care

By 14 April 2020 H&W News

Rianne Fijten, senior scientist at Maastro Clinic and involved in the Health & Well-being group, co-authored an article about implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in health care on the online platform ICT&Health. Fijten summarized the key points of the article for the Digital Society:

Currently, most disciplines in health care emphasize the expertise of doctors and nurses. Digital technology often still plays a minor role. This has historically roots: in the past, the knowledge of the healthcare provider was enough to make the correct judgment about a disease or appropriate treatment. Since the emergence of sciences such as molecular biology, genetics and ‘omics’, we have increased our knowledge of disease pathologies and enhanced our treatment options. Today, Doctors have a lot more data to take into account when making a decision about a disease or a treatment. Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions play an important role in this. However, the use of AI is far from mainstream in clinical practice as there are still a number of hurdles to overcome.  You can read the whole article here (in Dutch). Full text available on request.