On 30 October, the Dutch universities welcomed 18 postdoc and PhD researchers from a wide range of disciplines who have joined – or will join shortly – the Digital Society research programme.

Programme Coordinator Sally Wyatt and Emile Aarts, Rector Magnificus Tilburg University, provided a brief overview of the history and goals of the programme.

The session on the objectives of the programme triggered an inspiring debate on interdisciplinary collaboration and what makes it work in practice. Participants shared their experience of working with various societal stakeholders and/or other disciplines in research projects (‘engage all stakeholders from the starting point’). The general consensus was that it takes time and lots of discussion to understand each other’s perceptions, norms and concepts. It is important to have patience for these discussions and to treat colleagues from other disciplines with courtesy.

The workshop continued to discuss opportunities concerning building a national research programme and the communication and dissemination of research. The community of researchers will meet regularly to discuss collaboration and key themes related to the Digital Society.

Meet them at the Digital Society Conference on 27 November. Register now!