From Monday 18 to Thursday 21 March, the first “Nederland Digitaal” Conference took take place in Theater Gooiland in Hilversum. Academics, business, civil society organisations and governments came together to exchange knowledge and work together to give direction to technological developments that are rapidly changing society and the economy. The theme of this first edition is: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The research programme Digital Society was actively involved in six sessions on Nederland Digitaal Dag:

  1. Responsible Data Science:
    1e sessieronde – Transparantie en uitlegbaarheid van AI
  2. Work & Organisations:
    2e sessieronde – Concurreren met platforms
  3. Learning & Education:
    3e sessieronde – EdTech: technologie voor onderwijsinnovatie
  4. Health & Well-being
    3e sessieronde – E-health: digitale innovatie in de zorg
  5. Cities & Communities:
    4e sessieronde – Smart City tot Smart Society: doe mee!
  6. Programmacoordinator Inald Lagendijk:
    4e sessieronde –  Nederland koploper in AI #hoedan

More information (in Dutch):