On January 29, the Personalized eHealth Technology Symposium took place at the University of Twente during the national eHealth week. With 100 attendees, 4 sessions, good network lunch and demo’s, it was an inspiring day. Attendees with different backgrounds (researchers, entrepreneurs, students and also interested citizens) came to this event to hear about the current projects and collaborations of the TechMed Center’s strategic program Personalized eHealth Technology (PeHT). Program coordinators Annemieke Witteveen (Twente University), Brigit Klever (University Medical Center Groningen) en Mieke Schulte (VU University) attended the symposium.




We started the program with an introduction by Hermie Hermens. He discussed the ambitions, current activities, research programs and the ecosystem of PeHT. Then the session “Twente activities in eHealth” started in which 4 important partners (TZA, Roessingh, BMS UT and e-health House UT) discussed their facilities and projects. Next the research theme “Happy eating” took the stage. Femke Nijboer, Bas de Boer, Roelof de Vries and Janet van den Boer took the visitors along in their projects on topics such as the healthy eating, the eating body, the sensory interactive table (SIT) and more.

During the lunch the participants had an e-health experience, by participating in various demos such as the VR bicycle, VR e-health house simulation and council or coaches. In addition, the e-health house was opened and outside people could visit the BMS ambulatory lab bus.





After the break we continued with the research theme in which Geke Ludden, Pascal Keijzer, Lara Siering and Hellen van Rees discussed their wearable breathing trainer program from various angles in an interactive way. Lastly, the theme of rehabilitation and e-health was discussed. Monique Tabak, Boony Thio and Marjolein Haveman gave inspiring lectures during this session.