How we realize our vision towards implementing digital solutions to create health and wellbeing.

Today no one will argue that to confront complex societal challenges of the present world we need collaborative effort. We, the Digital Society Health & Well-being group, aim to promote and conduct the responsible digitization of health care. To tackle this challenge, our group brought together scholars form a broad range of scientific disciplines. Working together means bringing multiple, and often different perspectives on the same issue (e.g., ethics and privacy in eHealth, data ownership-). In transdisciplinary collaboration, different, however does not imply clashes of opinions or inexplicable arguments. Instead it means that the thought and solution space is enriched with theories, methods, tools and experiences, which CAN and WILL complement each other on the stride towards success. However, despite the obvious potential of the transdisciplinary collaboration, it is, after all, a very complex and rather novel process; and thus, amongst other things, it first requires innovation in process and people management.

To start with, we employed a technique stemming from the field of design – a generative workshop. During one busy morning in November, just before the annual Digital Society Congress, we brainstormed and discussed the challenges that we anticipate, our available resources and the necessary actions we need to take to lead the way in creating and implementing digital health care solutions. Together, during a well-structured and creative workshop, we generated the ingredients for the Digital Society Health & Well-being Impact Map and Road Map.







The Impact Map is intended to provide us with a comprehensive overview of the capacity of our program line and the necessary activities to achieve success in realizing the Digital Society Health and Well-being vision. Although this is a public document, the Roadmap is an internal process and outcome tracking tool, which is intended to help us manage our ongoing and future projects. At the moment we are busy with finalizing the work around these two collaborations tools.


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Are you interested in learning more about our vision and how we intend to achieve it? More information will follow soon via our newsletter and our website.