Goal of the Team Science call

The 2nd Digital Society conference (Nov 26, 2019) focused on the topic of digitalisation, inclusion and participation. The fourteen workshops addressed different aspect of inclusion and participation in the digital society. Many research challenges in these domains were identified and discussed to which the Digital Society programme’s researchers can contribute. The goal of this Team Science call is therefore to bring together teams consisting of societal partners, companies, government and the Digital Society programme’s researchers around research challenges that can deliver a concrete result in a period of 10 months.

Team Science in Digital Society

Team Science is defined as research in which individuals from various fields join together to work collaboratively toward the resolution of major digital societal issues. The ultimate goal of such team-based research is to generate a deeper understanding of important issues and, in doing so, efficiently produce scientific discoveries that are more readily applicable. Our aim is to pursue great science with great impact. Collaborative groups conducting Team Science research may include a wide range of individuals each offering their own unique expertise. Groups may include not only researchers, but also community members, policy makers and industrial stakeholders.

New connections

The Digital Society programme emphasises new connections between disciplines and partners that in everyday practice do not meet. The more creative, the wilder and more unexpected the composition of the Team and the Science question, the better.


The grant is Euro 40,000 to be spent on the Team Science project. In addition a Euro 5,000 grant is available for the Team Science project’s dissemination plan. The entire budget must be spent before December 31, 2020.

Process and deadlines

Societal partners, companies, government and the Digital Society programme’s researchers are invited to submit a 1-page description of the proposed Team Science project following the template below. Please indicate here what type of academic expertise your proposal requires to be a success. The deadline for submitting ideas is December 20, 2019 (close of day / midnight). On January 10, 2020, the coordinators of the Digital Society programme will contact the proponents with one of the following three results:

  • Expand your idea to two pages and provide more details on specific aspects.
  • Combine your idea with one or more other ideas into a single proposal.
  • Your idea does not sufficiently fit the scope of the Team Science call.

The final proposal of 2 pages needs to be submitted by January 31, 2020 by a Dutch university as the main applicant of the consortium. The coordinators of the Digital Society programme will decide on the three proposals to fund before February 7, 2020.


Each submitted idea and proposal will include two main deliverables:

  • The Team Science concrete result to be presented during the Digital Society Conference in November 2020.
  • The dissemination activity to spread the results of the Team Science project to relevant stakeholders. Creative dissemination activities are welcomed.


The submission phase is now closed.