Safety & Security

How to protect data, people and freedoms

Digital technology provides opportunities and challenges for human and data safety. War, peacekeeping and law enforcement will increasingly involve all sorts of data connections; government surveillance should balance reducing threats with preserving privacy and other civil liberties. Public and private organizations storing personal data require better protection against data intrusions. Vital institutions’ data require more robust shielding from saboteurs. Reliable, secure, high-capacity, energy-efficient data transfer and storage technologies are urgently needed. These and related societal challenges are addressed in programme line Safety & Security.

23 November 2017

Digital Society Research Agenda

1 May 2024

Mondai TU Delft: Seminar Series on Meaningful Human-AI Interactions for a Digital Society

1 May 2024

Photos Digital Society Conference 2024

6 March 2024

Registration Digital Society Conference 25 April is open.

Academics that are working on finding solutions to societal challenges related to Safety & Security:

Herbert Bos (VU Amsterdam)


Herbert Bos is full professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and leads the VUSec Systems Security research group. He obtained an ERC Starting Grant to work on reverse engineering and an NWO VICI grant to work on vulnerability detection. These and other systems security topics are still close to his heart. Other research interests include OS design, networking, and dependable systems. Herbert moved to The Netherlands after approximately four years at the Universiteit Leiden. Before that he obtained his Ph.D. from the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, followed by a brief stint at KPN Research (now TNO Telecom).

Michel van Eeten (TU Delft)


Professor of Public Administration, in particular the governance of infrastructures in the Policy, Organisation, Law and Gaming section. I am also the director of the TPM Graduate School, which is currently being set up. My current research focuses on a variety of topics, most notably the governance of infrastructures, internet security, high reliability organizations, and multi-actor networks. I lecture about these and other topics at Delft University of Technology and at the Netherlands School of Public Administration in The Hague, an institute providing executive education for Dutch public sector officials.

Bart Jacobs (Radboud University)


Professor of Software Security and Correctness, Digital Security Group, Institute for Computing and Information Sciences, Radboud University Nijmegen. My research concentrates on theoretical and practical aspects of security. On the theoretical side, my focus is on quantum logic and probabilistic computation, supported by an ERC Advanced Grant, see also the EfProb Python library for probabilistic computation. On the practical side, I’m interested in identity and privacy management, see eg. the IRMA project and video on attribute-based authentication, in security and privacy in personalised medicine (see the PEP technology), and in cyber security and intelligence and the broader societal aspects of computer security.

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